quote.... most famous of all of the original Springfield radio stations .... unquote

WHYN is, perhaps, the most famous of all of the original Springfield radio stations. To this day you can mention personalities such as Phil Dee or Jack O'Neil and people will blurt out "WHYN".

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WHYN's call-letter history is short. They've had the same call-letters since their sign on at 1370 in 1941.

quote.... WHYN's call-letter history is short .... unquote

The Hampden-Hampshire Corporation applied for a contruction permit to build WHYN on February 12, 1937. The original frequency requested was 1240 at 1KW Daytime but that was changed to 1370 at 250W unlimited, non-directional on 12-23-38. The "CP" to construct was granted on 11-14-40 but before they had a chance to sign on at 1370 they were shifted to 1400 under NARBA on 3-21-41. Their first license was finally granted on 4-24-1941.  On 12-27-45 the Hampden-Hampshire Corporation filed a "CP" to change frequency from 1400 to 1550 and to increase output power to 10KW.  It was quickly denied on 12-28-45.  An ammendment to the "CP"was filed on 8-24-46 to change frequency from 1550 10KW to 560 1KW DA.  The transmitter location was listed as South Street Easthampton, MA.  On 10-6-49 another "CP" modification was filed to change transmitter location from Easthampton to "1.2 miles North of junction of North Road and County Road, Near Holyoke, Massachusetts."  The modified "CP" was granted on 12-2-49 "auth subj. to any interference which may be received from the opr. of WFIR Danbury, Conn". Their sign on and license at 560 was granted on 6-6-50.  All of the 'History Cards' for WHYN are available on the FCC website.  Click on this link to view them but be forewarned ... it takes a few minutes to load!




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