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`THE' Wacky Shout!

What I feel is the best jingle package WACKY had! Check 'em out!
Wacky Zipper ID Wacky Zipper Shotgun

Wacky Shotgun Wacky Medium #1

Wacky Medium #2 Wacky Medium #3

Wacky Funky Wacky Double Shotgun

The following cuts are from the last jingle package that WACKY had before changing
format to AOR and becoming "Rock 102".

Wacky 102 #1 Wacky 102 #2

Wacky 102 #3 Wacky 102 #4

Some O L D Wacky jingles for you! These date back to the 70's and a couple include
the voice of Bob Brooks, the original voice of Wacky. You can still hear Bob on
the air doing Agency Commercials for some of the BIG car dealers around the Pioneer Valley.

Wacky/Bob Brooks Wacky Jingle

Wacky/Seals & Crofts Great Rock Revival

Watcha Sayin' Springfield ... Wacky Rockin' Stereo!

Rockin' Along ....

Thanks to Jim Kaye, "The Big Tuna", formerly of Wacky 102 and to
Tracy Carman of "The Media Preservation Foundation" for their contributions!

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