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06/29/10 - Added "The Caldwell Collection" - go to WHYN page then scroll down to "Caldwell Collection".

06/23/10 - More additions! Check out Various & WHYN!

05/31/10 - New pictures added to the WHYN Page!  Thanks again to Chuck Herlihy!

05/29/10 - New additions to WBZ/WBZA pages.  Chuck Herlihy, my new hero, dropped a pot of gold in our lap!  Check it out on the tribute page.

11/04/09 - New addition to the WMAS page thanks to Brett Provo!  A Lew White DISCO95 aircheck!  Thanks Brett!  Check it out by clicking on the WMAS link above!

 11/01/09 - ALL of the old WACKY102.COM files & pages have been transferred and are now operational!  NOW we can get on to adding a whole bunch of stuff we've collected over the years.  As they say gang;  STAY TUNED!

10/18/09 - ALL of the broken big56 links are repaired.  We also converted all of the aircheck files to .MP3's and all of those are working.  ALL of the pictures and surveys are there too!  Hope you enjoy and I will be working on the WACKY102 files as time allows ... then we can start adding new content.  THANKS for your patience!

05/13/09 -


It's 'GO LIVE' day today! A few things need to be fixed, but we're on our way to getting this site looking pretty decent! Please bear with us as we fix links and add a ton of new content!

We are always looking for new information, corrections, pictures, memorabilia and staff recollections so if you can help please let us know.

04/06/09 -

I figured it was about time to come into the 21st century and get the websites updated.  Since we gave up the big56.com and wacky102.com domain names I'm consolidating them all into this site - springfieldradio.com.  It's a complete re-design with many new additions; pictures, airchecks, links and more!  Enjoy!