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It's no real mystery that Durham Caldwell is perhaps THE WHYN Historian,

so when he allowed us to borrow and scan some of his archival photos we were quite excited!

Enjoy the Durham Caldwell Collection on springfieldradio.com!


From 1966 - "UPI Tom Phillips Award Winners" (L to R) Gary Garrison,
Dave (Scott) Lorenzatti, Durham Caldwell, Ron Russell & Ron Dowling.

Channel 40 Women's Programming Hostess Barbara Bernard assists
with election coverage - November 1963.

Durham Caldwell, John Deegan & Photographer Gerry Legein.

Durham Caldwell doing the 5 Minute "Shirtsleeves" Newscast - 1962.

Durham Caldwell interviews Attorney General Edward Brooke sometime in the mid-sixties.

Durham Caldwell interviews Lt. Governor nominee Elliot Richardson at
Republican State Convention in 1964.

Durham Caldwell interviews Nat King Cole at Mass Mutual - 1964.

Durham Caldwell - Man on the Street interviews - early 1960's.

Durham Caldwell interviews Senator Elect Don Ryan - November 1966.

Gary Garrison - WHYN Radio News - January 1966

Issues 1969 Program on "Marijuana and its Pitfalls"
(L to R) Boston Lawyer Joseph Oteri, Probation Officer L. Michael McCartney, Moderator Durham Caldwell,
District Attorney Matthew Ryan and Dr. Joseph Bernstein.

John Deegan interviewing Chicopee Mayoral Candidate Richard Demers on Election Set - October 1963.

Ken Lemere WHYN-TV news

Key Newsmen - WHYN-TV - (L to R) Anchor/Reporter John Deegan, Reporter/Commentator Ken Lemere,
News Director Durham Caldwell.

WHYN News Mobile Unit - mid 60's.

Radio & TV Newsroom from the mid-70's. (L to R) Stephanie Wright, Jack O'Neill (Sports Director),
Ray Hershel, Dave Scott, Durham Caldwell.

WHYN Radio's Sam Hamilton interviews Reverend Charles Cobb - November 1963.

First Program in TV40's weekly "Spotlight in Government" series.
(L to R) Tom Shoemaker (Holyoke Transcript Telegram), Moderator Durham Caldwell,
Ray Hershel & Massachusetts Governer Michael Dukakis.


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