Some of my friends, mentors and favorite moments in Springfield radio ...
some of these airchecks were recorded directly off the radio in the fringe areas of the station's signals.
So they're a bit fuzzy, but worth listening to!

The WHYN DJ Reunion from 1998 was quite an event! Phil Dee hosted a three hour show which included
Bob Allen, Jack O'Neil, Amos B. Moses, Walt Pinto
and a ton more of your favorite personalites from the heydey of The Big56! 

Click on the link below to get to aircheck segments!

WHYN DJ Renuion 1998

Thanks to Holland Cooke for this donation to the Aircheck Archives!
These are just fantastic and among some of my most wanted airchecks! AND a SPECIAL treat
which we'll spotlight for you first! The DEAN SIAS blooper tape!

Dean Sias Blooper Tape!

Dennis Lee Aircheck

Larry Kruger Aircheck - Broadcasting from the Big E!

Ed Mitchell Aircheck!

Scotty Morgan Fills in!

O'Brady Aircheck!

Ron "Ron" Savage

Wayne Hickox - 3:30 report

WHYN Composite - 1986


WHYN - Does anybody recognize this voice? - 1977

WHYN's Al Baker 4:30PM News Intro!

WHYN's New Year's Eve Forcast! WOW, It's gonna be cold! - 1976/1977


Jerry Daniels - Last Show - WHYN - 4/14/77

The JUNGLEMAN'S first hour on WHYN! 10/74

Jackson Hill Break! - 10/74


Some Fun WHYN-FM Imagers - 1997

Little Davy Jones - WHYN- Recorded 1/65

Phil Dee - WHYN- 1961


Amos B. Moses - 56 WHYN
The Infamous "Black Oak Arkansas" incident!

Ed "Mitchell" Scarborough - 10/71 - WHYN-AM

Bud Stone - Dance Party - 1/88 - WHYN-AM

Fred King - 5/17/69 - WHYN-AM

Doug Hawkes last show - 4/5/85 - WHYN-AM
With Jack O'Neil and Dave Scott

WHYN-AM Grand Payoff Promo
Tommy Mack Voices/Jerry Daniels Talent
Winner of Grand Payoff Promotion - 1976

WHYN-AM Welcomes KISS to Hartford!
Jerry Daniels voices a Kiss Promo - 1976


The "WIN" Santa!
Phil Dee Voices a WHYN Santa Promo


Chris Tracy - 93 WHYN-FM


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